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Model: All-In-One Shooting Bag
Our "All In One" shooting sport bag which is loved by sport shooters all over the world, has just been improved. The first thing to catch your eye is the new color - the durable, silver-colored synthetic material is not only very trendy, but also has a useful function. It reflects maximum sunlight, preventing the bag's contents from heating up unnecessarily or softening.
Item Number: 915

Model: Visor
Material: 100% PU
Colors: Black
Item Number: 411N

The ultra-light Sauer Visor in Neoprene is the easiest way for sports shooters to protect themselves from refracted light or other types of dazzle. The Velcro fastener enables the visor to be adjusted to fit any head size.
Model: Pistol Rest
Item Number: 515

Model: Height Adjustment
Item Number: 516


Model: Rifle Case
Material: Long-wearing Nylon, leather, foam padding
Colors: Black
Item Number: 912
Model: Top-Grip Rubber, for Shooting Jacket
Item Number: 1110

Model: Top-Grip Rubber, for Shooting Trousers
Item Number: 1111


Model: Vario 3
djustable fore-end raiser block for all small calibre rifles. The height of the Vario3 raiser block can be set to three positions. Variable mounting options provide width and clamping mount adjustment. The Vario3 is available with alumin-ium side rails in a choice of four colours or with wooden side rails.
Color: Blue, Silver, Red, Black, Natural Wood
Item Number: 001
Model: Soft Shell Jacket
The Sauer Softshell jacket is suitable for wearing as a top jacket before and especially after competitions when the increased body temperature makes it necessary to protect the competitor from cold and draughts. This jacket can also be worn under other clothing as an additional garment in extremely cold conditions. It is fitted with a continuous zip fastener which goes all the way to the top of the stand-up collar and has three pockets which are likewise fitted with zip fasteners.
 94% polyester, 6% spandex
Color: Black

Item Number: 155


Model: Leather Belt
Material: White synthetic material reinforced with fabric
Color: Black
Sizes: 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125 cm
Item Number: 710
Model: Suspenders
Made of firm stretch material. Choice between clip or button closure.
Material: Firm stretch material
Color: Black
Item Number: 814


Model: Headband
Material: Cotton
Color: White
Item Number: 1116

Model: Headband, with Blinder
Item Number: 1117

Model: Blinder Separately
Item Number: 1118

Model: Compression Socks
Long periods of standing or kneeling are a burden on the feet of the marksman and can cause fatigue. These high-tech sporting socks represent an ideal combination of compression and functionality. Their patented pressure control system delivers more oxygen to the muscles. This keeps the legs fresh and considerably accelerates regeneration. Heavy legs are a thing of the past.
Material: 85 % polyamide, 15 % elasthane
Colors: Black
Women's 25-32 cm       Size II
32-38 cm       Size III
39-44 cm       Size IV
Men's 32-38 cm       Size III
39-44 cm       Size IV
45-50 cm       Size V
Item Number: 1050


Model: Insole Wedges
Insole wedges for the "Perfect Style II" to improve the stance at the heel and the front foot.
Item Number: 1018A (Heel Insole)
Item Number: 1018B (Front Insole)
Model: Kneeling Roll
All kneeling rolls come unstuffed. Sizes: 12 cm or 15 cm in diameter.
Item Number: 1018


Model: Screw Button
Material: Synthetic
Colors: Black, White, Red, or Blue
Item Number: 1112
Model: Movable Screw Button
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Item Number: 1113


Model: Shoe-Sole Tree For Boots
We developed the shoe-sole tree (DBGM) "Made in Germany" particularly for shooting boots. It is easy to use and may be employed for all sizes and makes. Thanks to the Sauer shoe-sole tree, our shooting boots will keep their flat soles for years, and thus provide an optimum stance.
Material: 100% colorless anodized aluminum
Item Number: 1013
Model: Button Buddy
Material: Metal
Item Number: 1001