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Model: X.9 Trigger Hand Glove
Color: Black with yellow details
True ‘grip-shape’ anatomic cut avoids folds in the palm of the hand. Helps the shooter to maintain a consistent grip under any weather conditions.

- Breathing non-slip material
- Keeps the trigger hand dry in hot weather
- Protects the trigger hand in cold weather
- True anatomic ‘grip-shape’ cut

Available for right and left-handed shooter in sizes XS-XL


Model: Solid Long

SOLID models where originally developed for standing to give better support to the wrist. The stiff plastic spread the pressure of rifle and sling over a bigger area on the hand thus reducing the pressure. For this reason SOLID models are the favourite of many extremely good prone and kneeling shooters.


Model: Solid Short

Again, the short version for warm weather and left hand paper target changers and air rifle pellet loaders. Most of the World Records that has been made with our gloves has been shot with this type.


Model: Solid Grip Short

Combining the best characteristics of TOP GRIP and SOLID models. Specially developed for modern standing positions: When the shooter keeps the rifle on the fist or on the palm in the standing position – the most commonly used positions adopted by World Champions.

The back consists of stable SOLID material, supporting the wrist in standing and reducing the pressure of the shooting sling in prone/kneeling. In standing when supporting the rifle on the fist the TOP GRIP on the back of the fingers provides a high friction support area for the rifle. The TOP GRIP on the palm does the same work when keeping the rifle on the palm.


Model: Top Grip Long
Color: Black/Grey

The classical glove. A safe choice with soft but maximum padding permitted under ISSF rules.

They are not the cheap import that last one season type. We make our gloves ourselves out of real leather and CLARINO. Which is a space-age synthetic leather which is stronger and breathes better than natural leather. Lining is comfortable 100% cotton. All seams are formed to avoid pressure points. TOP GRIP models have superb friction.


Model: Top Grip Short
Color: Black/Grey

The short version for warm weather and those who change targets and/or load their rifles with the left hand.