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Model: Kneeling Roll - Top Grip Mouse, unfilled
Sizes: 120 mm or 145 mm
Item Number: 
KTKR201 (120mm)
Item Number: 
KTKR0201 (145mm)

The world's most advanced and funniest kneeling roll. Zipper in the end for individual adjustment of cork filling.


Model: Kneeling Roll - Leather & Canvas

The Classic canvas and Leather models. With diameter 145 mm or 120 mm. Made of non-stretch canvas or strong leather.


Model: X.9 Visor


Model: Shooting Mat - Long
Color: Blue

Made of strong canvas with water-proof PVC-plastic bottom. Non-slip TOP GRIP in elbow area. Inside paddings of 10 mm waterproof polyeten with closed cells. Polyeten padding does not absorb water and protects the shooter from cold rising from the floor. In the elbow area double paddings, one firm and one soft. Zipper in the side for easy individual adjustment of thickness and firmness. Firm or soft padding can be used on top according to the shooters wish. Extra paddings are available as accessories in firm or soft quality. Foldable in 4 parts with carrying handle.


Model: Shooting Mat - Short
Color: Blue

A small mat for the elbows only, 25% of the size of the full-size mat. Has two layers of padding - one firm, one soft - with a zip along one side to allow it to be adjusted.


Model: Shoe Spanners
Item Number: 

Keeps the soles of your boots fl at even if you make the mistake of walking around in them too much. Fits any brand and size of boots. Made of metal.


Model: Shooting Belt
 Black or green
Sizes: Adjustable to 65-125 cm

Non-stretchable, same material as in the KT slings. Supports your back in standing and keeps your pants together in the waist in kneeling.


Model: X.9 Yellow Inner Sole
Sizes: 35-49

When the shooter feels that a normal flat sole doesn't give enough contact with the sole. Our new X.9 YELLOW sole has a memory-effect. The foot sinks into the material and supports it. The bottom of X.9 YELLOW sole is made of perforated polyamide avoiding that the X.9 YELLOW sole stretches.


Model: X.9 Shooting Socks


Model: Rifle Stand - Fiberglass

Designed so that the shooter can place the feet very close to the Rifl e Stand, so that only a minimum of movement is needed to move the rifl e into the fi ring position. Supplied with an intelligent ammo tray: On one side are holders for 2 x 50 small-bore cartridges,
on the other side there are locations for airgun pellets either a metal tin of 500 or a match box and there are holders for screwdrivers etc. Very stable. Total maximum height 150 cm. Quick to setup, under 15 sec time needed. Requires little space. The feet can be folded in and telescopic fi breglass tubes slide inside each other.
The vertical tubes are made of fi breglass, resulting in an extremely low weight, 1.4 kg! Supplied with a carry case.


Model: Rifle Stand - Aluminum

Good balance, the rifle is kept on the top of the support. Ammo tray with 31 cm long bar, adjustable to all kinds of ammo packages. Maximum height 155 cm. Extremely lightweight, 1.3 kg and fast to setup, under 20 sec needed.


Model: Replacement Parts

TOP GRIP RUBBER MAT - Size 900 x 400 mm, color black. Thickness 2 mm for shooting jacket shoulder and
gloves. Thickness 4 mm for shooting jacket elbows and
shooting pants.
TARGET CENTRE REPAIR STICKERS - for 50m small-bore targets. Will not fall of even if target gets wet. Roll of 1.000 pcs.
ADJUSTABLE SCREW ON BUTTONS - Plastic, Color: grey & Metal, Color: black
TIXO TEXTILE GLUE - 50ml. For canvas, leather and plastic. Gives a pliable joint and is moisture resistant. Perfect for fi xing that loose padding on your shooting glove, etc.
BUTTON MOUNTING TOOL (BMT) - Finding it difficult to mount those screw-on-buttons? Not with our Button Mounting Tool. Delivered with the following tools: Awl for making small holes. Big, small, and X-shape screwdrivers.


Model: Braces
Color: Black

High quality braces in a one-shoulder model specially made for rifl e shooting. Available our models of pants or with leather ends for old-fashioned pant with buttons. Available models and in long/short versions. Long model adjustable 76-104 cm. Short model is suitable for shooters less tall than 160 cm.


Model: X.9 Test Bench

The test bench can be used to test all air, small-bore and biathlon rifles with a for-end sling rail. Ball-bearing supported. Moves backwards like with normal recoil. Easy to transport and set up on any stabile surface. Big angle/height adjustment possibility for sloping fore-ends on standard rifles or Biathlon stocks. Biathlon rifle trigger weight no problem as slide moment backwards start is regulated with a magnet. X.9 Test Bench is very light, weight about 8 kg. It can be used not only for normal ammo testing but can easily be moved around on the shooting range to test ammunition wind sensitivity or for wind shooting instruction purposes. When in use a weight of 20kg, ammo box, a bucket with sand or water or similar needs to be placed on the lower shelf to keep X.9 Test Bench stable. Delivered with or without table.