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Standard Accessories:
  • 3 eyepieces (32x)
  • lens caps standard mount for tripod (able to use with tripod for camera)
Filter threads
  • (95mm in diameter)

Model: Kowa Highlander
Item Number: KHL
Price: $3600.00

Main body specifications  
Effective Aperture of Objective Lens 82mm
HighLander Achromat (f=450 F5.48)
HighLander (PROMINAR) Apochromat (f=450 F5.48) Fluorite lens
Nearest focusing Range 20m
Size (lxwxh) 430240150mm (when sliding hood is not extended)
Weight 6.2kg (Standard eyepiece included)
Eyepiece 32 50 (option)
Magnification 32W 50W
Real Field of View 2.2 1.3
Apparent Field of View 70 67
Exit Pupil Diameter 2.6mm 1.6mm
Relative Brightness 6.8 2.6
Eye Relief 16.5mm 15.0mm
Field of View at 1000m 38.4m 22.7m


Introducing two "High Lander" models. KOWA's optical technologies in pursuit of "brighter" and "sharper" images made these binoculars of a full-scale specification with a large lens diameter, demonstrating high power also for astronomical observations.

High Optical Performance for Superior Viewing

Multi-coated 82-mm dia. objective lens secures the view with minimum distortion till the edges, producing bright and sharp images. The eyepiece (standard 32x) is designed to offer the wide angle and long eye relief, offering an impressive field of view comfortably. Magnification can be changed to 50x (option) through eyepiece exchange. High Lander has the highest level of optical performance that proves satisfactory not only in astronomical observation, but also for professional monitoring use in specialized fields

Prominar Model With Fluorite Lens

In addition to the achromat specification of normal lens type, the apochromat specification with Fluorite lens, called as "High Lander Prominar", is also available for those requiring highest level
performance. This lens eliminates chromatic aberration (color blur) to the maximum extent, offering very sharp viewing quality.

Durability, Water-Proof, and Functionality under Severe Conditions

Light and tough aluminum die-cast body is easy to handle and superior in air-tightness and durability. Apart from water-proof structure, filling of dry nitrogen gas in the body can prevent fogging of the lens. The eyepiece is inclined to 45 degree, enabling long extended observation time and monitoring in a comfortable position.

Features of High Lander

Set-Up Mount
Just push in the eyepiece for observation and pull it out for easy removal and remounting.
Focusing and Adjustment of Eye-Width
IF type (individual focusing) is employed for focusing. Turn each eyepiece for focusing.
Line of Sight
This object aiming line can also be used as a handle for carrying. This line is an aid for quick aiming of the object.
  Sliding-Hood (Sunshade)
Prevents entry of unnecessary lights and rain drops.