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Model: Small-Bore Rifle Model 2700 Super Match
The well-tried free rifle from Feinwerkbau is - as a top solution - equipped with an exclusive stock made of aluminum.

Butt plate as well as cheek piece offer various possibilities for adjustment. Furthermore the hand rest is adjustable in height and can be pivoted. The ergonomically formed grip of this model is adjustable three-dimensional and available in sizes S, M or L. The milled section on the bottom side of the hand rest permits the use of shooting sling support (special accessories) ? which can be attached either directly to the stock or to the hand rest.

The free rifle of the series Model 2700 Super Match is available with a barrel diameter 22 mm* or 24 mm* (*outer diameter).

.22mm Barrel
Item Number: 3.5.0(40,42,44,52,54,56) (right, color, grip)
Item Number: 3.5.0(41,43,45,53,55,57) (left, color, grip)

.24mm Barrel
Item Number:
3.5.0(46,48,50,58,60,62) (right, color, grip)
Item Number: 3.5.0(47,49,51,59,61,63) (left, color, grip)


Model: Small-Bore Rifle Model 2700 Super Match LIGHT
Same high-quality finish like the Model 2700 Super Match.
Due to the fluted barrel and a shortened hand rest as well as a new formed barrel weight the total weight of this rifle was reduced by another 700 grams - the total weight of this rifle is down to only 5.1kg!

The light version of the Model 2700 is the perfect option for all shooters who will not abstain from the well-tried precision and performance despite of the weight reduction.

Therefore the Model 2700 Super Match light is the perfect match rifle ? not only for beginners or shooters who change from another discipline.


Model: Small-Bore Rifle Model 2700 Universal
The system of this series of Model 2700 small bore rifles is available in a stock of warp-free white laminated wood.

The stock is formed ergonomically and available as real right- or left-handed version. The aluminum butt plate is adjustable in longitudinal direction and can be pivoted. The cheek piece can be adjusted in height and also be pivoted.

This model is also equipped as standard with the Feinwerkbau precision sight. The system is available with a barrel diameter 22mm* or 24mm* (*outer diameter).

Item Number: 3.5.06(4,6) (right, mm)
Item Number: 3.5.06(5,7) (left, mm)


Model: Small-Bore Rifle Model 2700 Rest
The successful small bore rifle from Feinwerkbau is also available as a model for shooting on a rest. This model meets even highest demand when shooting on a rest due to the proved precision and the high-quality workmanship in combination with the exclusive stock made of aluminum.

By means of the mounted sight bridge the diopter is extended to the shooter. The butt plate and cheek piece, which are especially designed for shooting on a rest, enable an individual adaption to the anatomy of the shooter. Just like all aluminum models of Feinwerkbau, this rifle is available with an ergonomic grip in sizes S, M or L.

The front stock as well as the suitable high-quality wood are available in the colors silver/black or silver/blue. The model 2700 is also available in a left-handed version with a left-hand system.