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Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle 800X
The new model range 800 sets new standard insofar as quality, functionality, design and shooting performance of match air rifles is concerned.

No compromise about the incorporated technology.
High quality materials combined with the know-how of several generations bring optimum preconditions for the next generation of compressed air rifles.


Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle 800W
Feinwerkbau's Model 800 W combines the advantages of a wooden stock with the convenient adjustment possibilities of a stock made of aluminium. Feel the experience of an ergonomically shaped wooden stock with the technical highlights of Feinwerkbau's model 800 series.

Highlighted Features:
Exclusive stock of solid wood (walnut) for an outstanding surface feel and an even better control of the shooting performance as well a flat-shaped front stock - allowing possible adjusting range of the hand support within the parameter compliant to rules.


Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle 800 ALU
Model 800 Alu appears in a newly designed Aluminium stock with the distinctive Feinwerkbau line.

The innovative principle for pressure reducer of model series 800 is also used in this model version. Model 800 Alu is of course also equipped with the patented Feinwerkbau absorber ? ideal conditions for a smooth shooting performance.
Various possibilities to adjust the stock offer an ideal adaption of the rifle to the shooter?s needs. A new model setting standards in view to cost-performance ratio.

Model 800 Alu is available in two color versions ? either classical black or alternatively with cheek piece grip made of laminated wood in red.

Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Evolution TOP
Model 800 Evolution Top this model is already equipped with the 4x4-vario-sight, an adjustable hand rest, a cheek piece adjustable in height and length and pivoted and a butt plate made of Aluminium.

Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Evolution
The Model 800 Evolution is the air rifle for the multipurpose and flexible use in the shooting sport.

The high-quality system of the model-series 800 is placed in a slim stock made of aluminium. The notches in the front stock give this model a very special optical drive - additional to the successful technique.

A wooden universal right-left-grip enables a perfect handling of this model. Butt plate and cheek piece are adjustable in length and height. Furthermore the hand rest is adjustable. The Model 800 Evolution can be upgraded by using special accessories of the Feinwerkbau product range when the shotter‘s demands will increase. The aluminium barrel sleeve turns the Model 800 Evolution into a real lightweight and the coloring gives this model an atractive appearance.

Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle 800 Universal
The new system of model series 800 with innovative principle for pressure reducer is also available mounted in a stock of white, laminated and warp free wood.

This stock of laminated wood is available either in right-hand or left-hand version. By means of various possibilities to adjust butt plate and cheek piece the stock can be adapted to the ergonomics of the shooter.


Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle 800X Field Target
The model series 800 X with 16.3 resp. 20.4 Joule is the ideal rifle to all field target shooters. Avaiable in the revolutionary Aluminium stock.

The 800 X Field Target comes with all the benefits of the model 800 X series.

Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle 800 Basic Field Target
The model series 800 with 16.3 resp. 20.4 Joule is the ideal rifle to all field target shooters. The 800 basic is avaiable in a stock made of beech wood.


Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Basic
Air rifle model 700 basic is an all-round genius. Easiest in handling with best precision. As for all models of the 700 series it has an interior absorber and the well-tried Feinwerkbau precision diopter. The front-sight tunnel accepts all Feinwerkbau inserts of diameter 22. It is possible to attach a sight line elevation. The silver compressed-air cylinder with integrated indication of filling (manometer) has a sufficient capacity for approx. 250 shots. By simple handling it is possible to change the finely adjustable triggerpoint trigger to dryfiring. Stock made of high quality beech wood in combined right/left version. Cheekpiece is adjustable in height, adjustable butt plate. Stock with rail for shooting sling holder.


Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle P75 Summer Biathlon
A new developed FEINWERKBAU compressed air rifle for the biathlon sport. The magazine takes 5 pellets. By means of a special device these are protected from falling out. The forced guided magazine exactly position the pellet at the loading side of the barrel. The rifle is ready to fire. Repeat, fire, repeat, fire 5 times. Then the magazine has to be exchanged.

Compressed-air rifle Model P75, with multi adjustable trigger point trigger, with one compressed-air cylinder, shooting capacity (with 200 bar) approx. 200 shots. The air-rifle for the biathlon sport.


Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle 500
The air rifle Model 500 combines easy handling with proved Feinwerkbau quality and precision to a favorable price.

This model is also equipped with the precise Feinwerkbau diopter. The sight is completed by an 18mm front sight. The solid beech stock is of ambidextrous design and the cheek piece and butt plate can be adjusted in height. The length of the butt plate is variable via intermediate plates (special accessories).

The integrated rail in the stock serves for attaching a shooting sling holder and/or a hand stop (special accessories). Therefore the Model 500 stands for a real all-rounder with a wide spectrum of use. This is completed by the fact, that the rifle can be fitted with various special accessories (e.g. weights, raisers etc.).

Thus the Feinwerkbau air rifle Model 500 is a favorable solution with many possibilities of use, and not only for shooting clubs.


Model: Feinwerkbau Air Rifle Sport
A classic is back to the range of products made by Feinwerkbau. Produced on most modern machining centers, with the experience of several generations, the model "Sport" sets new standards for highest demands in the segment of long air range rifles. Feinwerkbau - tradition meets precision!