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Educational Media and Books


Author: Troy Bassham
Description: CD-ROM, This Mastering 3-Position Air Rifle CD-ROM includes over 90 pictures, illustrating the best ways to build solid prone, standing, and kneeling positions. Troy Bassham describes how to master 3-position air rifle.
Item Number: BASSHCD
Author: Lones Wigger
Description: CD-ROM, This Winning in the Wind CD-ROM marks the very first time Lones Wigger has put his thoughts on media. This Winning in the Wind CD is already a big seller! Learn the championship winning secrets of Wigger and Bassham!
Item Number: BASSHWIND



Author: Buhlmann/Reinkemeier/Eckhardt

Book: Ways of the Rifle
Item Number:

Book: The WAY of the Rifle and Air Rifle Shooting
Item Number:


Author: Lanny Bassham
Description: Book, With Winning in Mind is Olympic Gold Medallist Lanny Bassham's system for mental training for competition in sport and business. It contains the most powerful tools used by Olympic Champions to win under stress.
Item Number: BASSHBK
Author: Mark H. Taylor
Description: Book, This Winning With The Mental Edge in rifle and pistol shooting gives any shooter an edge over their competitors.
Item Number: WMEB