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"BFTC is an industry member and is PROUD to PAY OUR WAY in supporting our sportsman."
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Introducing our BFTC Air Compressor

Every host should try to provide equal air supply to every competitor. Now, the reliance on scuba tanks and cascading is over. Contact us for details!

Feinwerkbau AW93 Scope Mount Now Available

Recent customer review: "I shot the gun today with my new scope at 50 ft.  I did not have to make any windage or elevation adjustments. How rare is that? Good job engineering the angle of the mount."

New Products / Services from BFTC

 We are pleased to announce the addition of Spypoint to our product lineup.

Need your Crosman Challenger repaired? Then look no further than BFTC. We offer an extensive and professional repair service to meet your needs.

Eagle Eye - Consistency Is Accuracy
When it all comes to the ONE shot, whether  in the OLYMPICS or Law Enforcement, EVERYTHING merges together. The BEST training. The BEST gear. The VERY BEST AMMO... DARE. Join us in the step UPWARDS. Fly with the EAGLE!

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Shooting Glasses - $399
Startline Basic - $137

We have ammo in stock for immediate availability - 9mm (500 rnds - $140), .45, .223, and 12 ga 00 buckshot (250 rounds - $235)

About Us / Education And Training

The goal of the Brenzovich Firearms and Training Center is to provide individuals with the equipment and learning environment necessary to develop their marksmanship to the best of their ability. We are determined to make a difference in the lives of our students by sharing what we have learned as certified coach's, we have developed a coaching philosophy emphasizing sportsmanship while building self-esteem, character, and citizenship. Young athletes need to learn much more than a sport; they need to learn skills they will carry with them for a lifetime. Skills that will help them grow and develop in school as well as in their careers. Once the winning attitude is developed, winning scores follow.

Both George & Debbie, CMP Directors for Texas, are members of the National Shooting Coach Development Staff, have extensive shooting instructional backgrounds and are active competitors. Marksmanship Training Programs can be found here.

Featured products / We showcase top-of-the-line competitive products
Feinwerkbau >>
Feinwerkbau sets the mark with their line of rifles and pistols. The new model range 800 sets a new standard insofar as quality, functionality, design and shooting performance.
Kurt Thune >>
The X.9 Hybrid Pro is a NEW, top of the line product, from Kurt Thune. For active and serious shooters.
Starik Carbon Tubes >>
Starik's proven and popular carbon tube will give any shooter an edge over the competition. These tubes give the shooter a longer sight distance, for more accurate aiming.
MEC Shooting Products >>
Our MEC product line features high end products such as shooting glasses, extension tubes, butt plates, and visors. Check out our line of MEC products to help improve your performance.
Centra Sight System >>
Centra is the leading brand for high quality sights and accessories. We carry an extensive line of sighting equipment to suit your needs.
Grunig & Elmiger >>
Grunig & Elmiger is a world and technological leader in the competitive shooting industry.


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